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Welcome to Opt 2 Be Happy

A wellbeing consultancy offering coaching, Reiki, wellbeing programmes and workshops for individuals, groups, companies and communities




If you are looking for ways to make positive life changes then you are in the right place. Many of you would like to increase wellbeing and to flourish and my coaching, programmes and workshops will help you to do that. My aim is to provide you with the knowledge and tools for boosting wellbeing so that you can then continue to use them on your own and share them with your family and friends.

Instead of focusing on your weaknesses, you will learn new, healthier habits which focus on your strengths and what is good in your life to help you thrive. You will understand how to become happier, healthier and ultimately more emotionally successful.

You choose your thoughts

You can change how you feel

You can cultivate positive feelings

You can create and inspire this in others


My coaching, programmes, workshops and Reiki healing will help you to live mindful, resilient, happier and compassionate lives


What can Opt 2 Be Happy do for you?


My coaching draws from a range of practices to include positive psychology, cognitive behaviour, mindfulness and Reiki. I apply strong listening skills, questioning, and a variety of exercises in my coaching sessions to help raise your wellbeing awareness, widen your perspective, increase positive emotions, reframe your negative thoughts and develop a healthier mental outlook.


Relationship endings can be emotionally painful. With expert help you can minimise your suffering, gain clarity, heal, move forward and live a happy, healthy life. Uncoupling coaching provides a safe and trusting environment to help you explore your emotions and discuss your relationship breakdown while at the same time restoring you to a better place.


I am certified to teach The Youth Mindfulness Kids programme which is a 16-lesson introduction to mindfulness for 7 to 11 year olds with a strong emphasis on experiential learning.

Wellbeing Programmes:

These programmes are designed to help you improve your wellbeing and discover scientifically proven ways to build resilience and flourish. They will provide you with simple exercises and tools that you can share with family, friends and work colleagues.


I have combined science-based wellbeing practices of positive psychology, mindfulness and mindful self-compassion with Reiki energy healing to create Happy Reiki, Loving Kindness Reiki and Mindful Reiki programmes. This combination not only helps with physiological healing but also mental healing.

Wellbeing workshops:

I am available for engaging and interactive workshops designed to educate individuals on how to live happier, more resilient lives. My workshops will provide attendees with easy to use tools which they can immediately integrate into their daily lives.

If you want to fully charge your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing so that you are showing up as your best self then I look forward to helping you