Uncoupling Coaching

Thinking about and/or going through a breakup is an emotionally painful process irrespective of whether you are the one initiating the breakup or not.



I understand the divorce process along with the emotional hurdles that need to be jumped along the way. My purpose is to help you through this process by providing you with the emotional support to help you transform and move forward with your life. It is my aim to empower you to feel in control of your situation, balance out the negativity with positivity, help you to identify possible negative thinking traps, increase confidence and self-compassion and restore you to a place of well-being. I use a combination of positive psychology interventions, cognitive behaviour coaching and mindful self-compassion to help you to build positive emotions and discover your inner strength and sense of self.




I will not give you legal advice as I will be wearing my coaching hat helping you to focus on your present moment and what is ahead for you. I will, however, be the objective friend during this process with only your best interests in mind and can help you to understand the legal process and implications of any decisions you make.

It is important to talk about how you feel when you are breaking up because you will be moving through many different emotions. When you suppress difficult emotions, they become stuck and can weigh you down preventing you from moving forward. Our sessions will help you to release these emotions in a compassionate, nurturing and supportive way so that you can see your future through happier, self-loving and more positive eyes. Letting go can be extremely difficult but moving forward can also be wonderfully rewarding.

If you are thinking about or going through a relationship breakdown and would like some emotional support and guidance through this process, please email me for further information. I am aware of the sensitivity and delicacy of dealing with these matters and can assure you that any and all communication will be highly confidential, non-judgemental and met only with compassion for your struggles.